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15/5/2002: I've added a camera with depth of focus. The results seem acceptable, but more rigorous testing might be necessary. There's also a general lens class to go with the camera, which should handle just about any make of lens that one can think of.

13/12/2001: Downloaded free mesh models off the net and fed them to VRWorld4. The results can be seen in the gallery.

11/12/2001: Wrote Borland C++ 5.5 makefiles and a batch file to largely automate the overall build process from the command line. Also, fixed the torus bug (I had left out a coefficient term).

21/10/2001: Finally got round to writing the "How to write a Raytracer" page, and it turns out to be pretty long. But it should meet some of the requests for more practical and indepth stuff. Plus, I added some stuff to the links and humour pages. Also, the old hit counter didn't seem to be working, so I put in a new one.

14/10/2001: VRWorld4 compiles to DLL. Now you can use precompiled libraries and don't have to recompile the whole thing every time. I also organized the code better and put in a file I/O class.

18/7/2001: Added a hit counter. Narcissistic, but a neat 'n' easy addition nevertheless. [Update: removed]

16/7/2001: This page is put up. VRWorld4 is still in stage of development, the latest addition is CSG.

Siddhartha Chaudhuri, 2002